Prior Notice of Food Shipments

For most food and beverage products, FDA must receive prior notice before the arrival of the product in the United States. The information required for prior notice varies depending on the type of entry, mode of transportation and whether the food is in its natural state. The submission must be confirmed by FDA within certain proscribed timelines. In addition to the general required information, the notice must include an country to which the article has been refused entry. For meat, poultry and egg products, an importer must apply for inspection of the product as far as possible in advance of the anticipated arrival.

FDA can refuse entry to any food that arrives in the United States without prior notice. Products that are refused entry will not only cost businesses time and money, but it can damage their reputation by their inability to deliver their product to customers on time.?Morsel Law can alleviate this risk by assisting your business in meeting the filing requirements and deadlines.?Contact us here to get started.